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Wiper Blade Replacement Front Right

For vehicles that have a different size of blade for the left and right.
This blade is for the Passenger Side, Front Right.

Wiper blade replacement is the process of removing old, worn-out wiper blades from a vehicle and replacing them with new ones. This is a necessary maintenance task that should be done periodically, as worn or damaged wiper blades can reduce visibility and make it difficult to safely operate a vehicle in inclement weather.

It's important to ensure that the new blades are the correct size and style for the vehicle and that they are installed correctly.

It's recommended to check the wiper blades at least twice a year, or as needed, and replace them if they appear worn, cracked, or if the rubber is hardening and no longer making good contact with the windshield.

It's also important to keep in mind that wiper blades should be replaced more frequently in areas with high humidity or heavy rain as they tend to wear out faster.

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